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A Wiki for iQuibi Inc.'s app 'Dungeon & Girls', where you explore, well, Dungeons and Girls.

In this game, you must pass through a dungeon-like tunnel where cute monster girls will attack you. You must defeat them by playing various cards (basic attack, counter, healing, or charge cards) and using your special skills. However, you are not alone! Every monster girl you defeat has a chance of becoming your 'partner', and you can choose one of them to accompany you when you re-enter the dungeon. Each girl has unique special skills in combat, and gets stronger as she fights by your side.

I'm mostly looking to get up a monster girl bestiary, including their respective favourite presents. The technical number-crunching stuff doesn't interest me too much, and isn't a priority for me. If anyone is interested in putting that up, you're welcome to do so!

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